Everyone has a story to tell but we’re specifically amplifying personal stories by BIPOC women, girls, and gender-nonconforming youth, ages 14 – 24. If this is you, read through the following themes and choose one that best suits each story you’re willing to share.

ACTIVISM: Tell us about your efforts to ignite positive change.

  • How are you civically engaged?
  • What issues are you passionate about?


COVID-19: We’re living through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that has upended our lives.

  • Perhaps you lost someone you love, perhaps it’s brought on a huge financial burden, or maybe you’ve been able to help others during this time.
  • Whatever your experience has been, we want to hear your COVID-19 story.


CREATIVITY: Tell us about your creative practices.

  • How do you use your imagination, media or arts, to express yourself or help others?


DREAMS: Imagine and describe a world free from oppressive systems.

  • What dreams do you have for yourself?
  • Your family?
  • Your community?



  • Tell us about experiences that shaped who you are, made you feel proud or left a lasting impression on you. 


IDENTITY: Identity can take on many forms: sexual identity, cultural identity, gender identity.

  • Tell us what identity means to you and how it informs your life.


SELF-CARE: More than ever, so many of us are prioritizing self-care.

  • How have you incorporated self-care into your life?
  • How are you struggling?
  • What are your self-care practices?
  • What brings you joy?



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